You Know You Were Built to Heal and Thrive.

Your deepest desire is to tap into your body’s innate ability to fight cancer naturally!
You know it’s time to boost your healing potential and stop stressing out about which diet or nutritional supplements are most effective for you. You want to feel secure that you are taking the right action steps to help you move through treatment and beyond.

You’re ready to:

Most of all, you want to be in charge of your health destiny!

The problem is, right now you don’t know how to:

Whether you are newly diagnosed, a cancer “thriver” who wants to prevent a recurrence, or a patient undergoing traditional cancer treatment, you may be wondering “what else can I do to specifically target my kind of cancer?”

Cancer Control Mastery provides the answers.

Many cancer patients choose traditional treatment like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. But I believe that’s only half a cancer treatment plan! Cancer treatment is like a tsunami and nutrition is the palm tree you get to hold onto during the storm.

Changing your growing environment is essential to keep cancer away.

Cancer Control Mastery helps you activate all of the available pathways that may bring about cancer-blasting activities inside your body!

Click on the blue interactive titles on the graphic below to learn more about the Cancer Control Pathways!

I’m Kim Dalzell, PHD, RD,

a cancer and nutrition pioneer who has created a powerful cancer-fighting program that targets 7 cancer control pathways by employing traditional dietetics blended with alternative therapies like holistic nutrition, herbal medicine and dietary supplements.

As an international speaker and consultant on the subject of cancer and nutrition for over 25 years, I have worked tirelessly and exclusively with cancer-concerned individuals and empowered thousands who have been told, “get your affairs in order”.

It’s been so rewarding to hear from all of my clients that they have astounded their doctors with their longevity and vitality!

MANY YEARS AGO, I received a late-night phone call from a breast cancer patient who was too afraid to eat. She told me that she didn’t know what foods would “feed her cancer”. That night, I realized that most patients just don’t have access to solid nutrition advice or worse, they get potentially harmful advice from well-meaning individuals. So, I began to integrate cellular specific cancer-fighting protocols in my private practice. With advancements on genetic modification through diet and natural compounds on various cancer mechanisms continued to surface, I enhanced these protocols to include diet and supplement advice that targets all of the important cancer control pathways, including information on the microbiome and natural therapies specific to the most common gene mutations for different cancer cell types.

I’VE WITNESSED PROFOUND RESULTS WITH MY CLIENTS, HELPING THEM TO POWERFULLY FIGHT CANCER. Over the years, we have been celebrating together the fact that my clients are thriving beyond their prognosis. I have always said, “You don’t have an expiration date stamped on your forehead. Give your body what it needs to heal and it can heal!”

After working for 25 years in this field, I knew that there had to be a better way to deliver this life-saving information to the cancer-concerned community. I developed Cancer Control Mastery so everyone would have access to this kind of powerful cancer-fighting potential.

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