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It’s time to take the guesswork out of your health regimen, reclaim your life and boost your healing potential! This is the only online program designed to jumpstart your healing process by delivering effective, safe and timely information to you so you can begin to immediately fight cancer. There is an optimal way to fight cancer naturally!

Have you ever felt like…

You can’t start soon enough in fighting your cancer?
You aren’t sure which foods could be hurting or helping you?
You are overwhelmed with information on how to fight cancer naturally?
Your medical team might be in the dark when it comes to diet and lifestyle choices that could really impact your survival?
You’re taking a kitchen sink full of dietary supplements and aren’t sure which ones are right for you?
You walked out of the clinic at the end of your treatment and are feeling vulnerable about what to do next?
Or worse….your treatment plan doesn’t address your whole body healing?

We are here to help you to…

Start eating powerful, cancer fighting foods for your kind of cancer.
Feel reassured that your natural therapy choices and dietary supplements are safe for you.
Reduce your chances for developing negative treatment side effects.
Reduce your risk of recurrence by stepping up your healing practices.
Complete your treatment on time so you can get back to work.
Stop wasting money on nutritional therapies that might not be suited to your recovery.
Prioritize your dietary and supplement choices based on the genetic and nutritional components specific to your cancer cell type.

Begin immediately to Challenge Cancer!

I’m Dr Kim Dalzell and over a 25-year career in oncology, I have developed and perfected my powerful program called Cancer Control Mastery. This cell-specific program is now available online for anyone who wants to fight cancer.

Why become a member of this program?

I’ve been in the oncology field working exclusively with late-stage cancer patients for more than two decades. One fateful day, a patient asked me, “I know I should eat healthy….but what should I eat for MY KIND of cancer?”

The truth was, I had never thought about it. I was only recommending a general healthy diet to my patients.

I tirelessly reviewed the scientific literature, population studies, and latest discoveries uncovering new cancer control mechanisms inside the body. To my great surprise, I discovered there were thousands of research articles that made it possible to personalize nutritional strategies to cancer cell type.

I created the first nutritional protocol for 16 kinds of cancer and have since advanced my program to include diet and supplement recommendations that have been linked to the genetic components of each cancer. Through my programs, I have helped thousands of cancer patients from all over the world get and stay healthy and strong with these laser-focused strategies.

Cancer Control Mastery covers:

  • Bladder
  • Breast
  • Colorectal
  • Gynecological (Cervical, Endometrial, Ovarian, Uterine)
  • Leukemia
  • Lung
  • Melanoma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • Pancreatic
  • Prostate
  • Upper Digestive Tract (Head and Neck) and Esophageal/Stomach
  • Prevention/Other

If you’re reading this, it’s because you really want to do everything you can to fight cancer. A diagnosis of cancer is scary and numbing and once the whirlwind of testing and treatment options comes into play, it can be very overwhelming.


If you knew about a time-tested and proven program developed for your specific cancer so that you could immediately activate all of the cancer control pathways and begin to fight cancer right now?

Cancer Control Mastery Includes:

Eat Right for Your Cancer Cell Type Plan

Designed specifically to target your kind of cancer with ready-to-go diet and nutrition supplement recommendations. Includes a reference guide to eating right for your cell type, sample meal plan, phytochemical guide, list of common mutations for your cancer cell type matched with regulating dietary compounds, update on microbiome studies related to your cancer cell type, and treatment and lifestyle tips.

A Private Membership Site

Available to you 24/7. No need to wait to get solid, science-based information to support your healing journey. This is your cancer control room!

Cancer Control Video Tutorials

Immediate access to mobile-friendly videos that will address the most frequently asked questions about the specific foods, dietary supplements and lifestyle choices that can impact your quest for cancer control and give you the confidence that you are doing good things for your body!

Cancer Control Empowerment Modules

Read up on the most relevant topics that cancer patients want to know about. Gain real-world, direct advice from Dr. Kim to help you navigate current and future decisions about treatment and alternative therapies for your cancer healing journey!

Interviews with the Experts

Get the inside scoop about the healing potential of additional complementary and alternative therapies to help you thrive during and after cancer treatment. New videos added periodically.

Lifetime Access to Your Library

You’ll refer back to these materials time and again—my patients have called my online library their “Bible” to fighting cancer with nutrition!

Dietary/Herbal Supplement Protocol Private Session with Dr. Kim

This is a one-on-one connection with Dr. Kim. She will review and prioritize your dietary and herbal supplements, provide guidance on professional grade brands and ensure there is no interaction with your medications or other supplements.

Facebook Community

Be part of a positive, holistic healing environment and stay informed about the latest advancements and information to help you during and beyond treatment.

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Cancer Control Empowerment Modules ($200 value)

Module I: Change Your “Cancer Friendly” Growing Environment

Module II: Herbs and Dietary Supplements Safety

Module III: Smart Cancer Care Decisions

Module IV: Cancer Myths Debunked

30+ Cancer Control Video Tutorials ($500 value)

100+ Cancer-related Articles and Assessments on Diet, Treatment, and Lifestyle ($500 value)

Expert Interviews (new interviews added periodically!)  discussing Cancer and Alternative Therapies ($200+ value)

Lifetime Access to Your Private Membership Library ($397 value)

Facebook Community for Healthy Recipes and Health/Cancer-Related Updates and…..

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