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Case Study: Male Bladder Cancer Recommendations

CD is an empowered man in his 70s with a history of diabetes and questionable kidney function, and a recent diagnosis of bladder cancer, stage 2 and will soon be treated with gemcitabine and cisplatin. He came to me with the desire to shift his current dietary habits to fight bladder cancer and review his current supplements as well as learn about other supplements he might want to consider.

In addition to a comprehensive review of 44 key diet and lifestyle habits/foods/nutrients associated with bladder cancer, there were several additional supplements added to his current regimen of whole food capsules, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, cinnamon (discussed differences in ceylon and cassia):

  1. Probiotics (strains consistent with bladder cancer research), 1/day (avoid if starting a PD-1 inhibitor; prevents potential heart damage risk with cisplatin)
  2. Boswellia, 1 cap/day (used for anti-inflammation, in type 2 diabetics with metformin lowered BS and Cholesterol and did NOT impact kidney function; in this case, we use to potentially suppress bladder cancer cells)
  3. Asian Mushroom, 2 caps/day (immune support and potential decrease growth in bladder cancer)
  4. Omega Blend, 2 caps/day (to stabilize omega-3 and introduce healthy, minimally processed healthier fatty acids to counterbalance saturated fats)
  5. Complete tofu shake mix as desired (to introduce more soy into the diet)
  6. Melatonin, 10 mg (supports sleep and potentially decreases metastatic capability of bladder cancer cells)


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