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Case Study: Nutrition for Melanoma

S.S. is a spirited, athletic 16 year old who is diagnosed with nodular melanoma, stage 3. She had surgery for lymphatic bypass 6 months ago and recovered well.

In addition to a diet rich in CLA and plants, a specialized meal plan was designed to accommodate a teenager’s tastebuds.

I was pleased to see she had already been taking vitamin D, probiotics, low dose melatonin and whole food nutrition capsulesĀ 

There needed to be adjustments in her supplement regimen, as follows:

Whole Food Fruit, Vegetable, Berry and Omega Blend Capsules – increase to 3 of each per day.

Check serum vitamin D levels to assure at least 50 ng/dl. May need to increase Vitamin D to 5,000 IU+/day

Switch probiotic to Klaire Lab brand to gain specific strains that have connection to melanoma.

Add Milk Thistle, standardized to 80%, for melanoma-specific cancer control.

Add Raw B complex to support healthy cell regeneration, energy levels.

Add 2:1 Calcium Magnesium for bone strength.

Add: Mushroom Extract Capsules, 2 caps/day Take both at breakfast.

Add: Omega-3 fatty acids, 2 softgels/day take both at dinner.