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Case Study: Pancreatic Cancer

Tim is a 60 year old male diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer who experienced a 40 pound weight loss in 6 months since diagnosis. As with most pancreatic cancer patients, digestive issues and weight management are of primary concern. Kate Farm shakes with additional whey supports calorie and protein needs. In addition to recommendations to transition from a low fat, bland diet (in times of GI distress) to plant-based diet specific for pancreatic cancer, the following supplements were added to his regimen:

Ther-Biotic probiotic capsule/day (For gut, digestive issues)

Garden of Life Raw B-complex 2 capsules/day (To support red blood cells)

Host Defense My Community Mushroom Blend 2 capsules/day (To provide plant chemicals specific to genetic mutations TH1/2, cyclin D, Cox2 and a variety of interleukins)

Twin Lab Super Digestive Enzymes w/each meal or snack (in addition to Creon for digestion/malapsorption issues)

Garden of Life whey protein powder (added to Kate Farm Shake) (for additional protein)

Omega 3 fatty acids (for muscle retention, increase effectiveness of treatment)

Whole food nutrition capsules (for adequate cancer fighting phytochemicals)

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