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Case Study: Postmenopausal Estrogen Driven Breast Cancer

R.A. is a 65 YO female recently diagnosed with localized breast cancer. She finished radiation prior to nutrition counselling and has been placed on hormone blockers. Other health concerns include overweight, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Patient complains of slight swelling (possible lymphedema from surgery) and constipation.

In addition to providing a dietary program specific to ER+ breast cancer, with added consideration for heart disease and bowel health, a foundational supplement program was designed as follows:

Juice Plus+ Fruits, Vegetables, Berries and Omega Blend capsules (foundational plant chemicals that impact all 11 cancer control pathways)

EPA/DHA, 4000 mg daily – 4 soft gels/day (In addition to supporting heart health, omega-3 fatty acids have been used to reduce cancer treatment side-effects and keep tumors from spreading. (Nutrients, May 2019) 70% of patients who took an omega-3 supplement during chemotherapy did not develop peripheral neuropathy compared with 40.7% in the placebo group. (Mod Path, 2003)

Proteolytic enzymes – ( For digestive help and lymphedema-associated swelling. Several studies show in addition to decreasing inflammation and swelling, proteolytic enzymes (proteases, peptidases) prevent the development of lymphedema.)

Probiotics (For gut health, breast microbiome. Lactobacillus acidophilusLactobacillus bulgaricusStreptococcus lactisor Bifidobacteria stopped the growth of estrogen-receptor-positive human breast cancer in mice. (J Med Food, 2007)

Cal/Mag 500/250 mg/daily – 3 capsules/day (Supporting bone health to counter estrogen blockers demineralization of bones)

Vitamin D, maximum 4,000 IU/day (Larger doses can interfere with calcium channel blockers. Vitamin D levels greater than 38 ng/ml were associated with lower breast cancer. Breast Cancer, Dec 2017)

Weighted Walking Vest (to support bone density and weight loss efforts)

Continue B Complex and Glucosamine/Chondroitin.