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Case Study: Premenopausal Breast Cancer, HER2/neu Positive

R.C. is undergoing chemotherapy for stage II HER2/neu positive breast cancer. Beyond the HER2/neu-specific dietary suggestions, a supplement plan was developed to address treatment side effects, improve chemotherapy outcome and protect long-term health.
Here are the top recommendations specifically with her needs in mind:

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Once bone marrow is suppressed enough to significantly drop blood cell counts, taxotere and carboplatin must be stopped. Whey protein supports rebuilding of important cells and reduces risk of tingling in hands and feet.

Growing evidence shows that curcumin can enhance the effectiveness of platinum-based chemotherapies and reduce their side effects. (Cancer Prev Res, Aug 2018) A combo curcumin and piperine blend should be used for maximum absorption.

HER2/neu positive patients using turkey tail mushrooms reduced side effects of Herceptin and there was no evidence of metastasis in the group studied. (Global Adv Health Med, Nov 2012)  The combination of flaxseed and Herceptin was able to stop breast cancer cells from growing. (J Nutr Cancer, Aug 2017). Suggest 1-2 tablespoons flaxseed meal per day.

Side effect recommendations:

For undigested food particles in stool, acid reflux, and diarrhea, add broad spectrum digestive enzymes with all meals. Support gut health with female-specific bacteria strain probiotic.
For poor appetite, ask doctor for Megace prescription if not resolved or weight loss of more than 5 pounds over the next 2 months occurs.
For hot flashes/night sweats, consume phytoestrogens.
For brain fog, forgetfulness, omega-3 fatty acids and Redi-mind dietary supplements. To support heart health, add CoQ10 through treatment course. To reduce risk of osteoporosis, support bone health with Vitamin D and calcium.

The above recommendations are specific to this case study and is posted here to showcase the value of an individualized consultation. Always check with your doctor before taking dietary supplements.