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Case Study: Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

Bruce is an elderly man recently diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer that has spread to his liver. He suffers from extreme thrombocytopenia and chemotherapy has been halted due to intolerance. The typical digestive issues seen in advanced stage pancreatic cancer presents. The family wishes to embark on an aggressive nutritional protocol as part of an integrative approach to treatment. Researchers have indicated that 20-30% of cancer patients die from malnutrition caused by cancer cachexia, not their cancer. (J Oncol Pract, Jul 2019) Based on this, in addition to dietary recommendations specific to pancreatic cancer, as well as suggested steps for diet assessment leading to potential enteral and IV nutrition therapy, a prioritized list of actions steps were provided.

  1. Address calorie and protein needs and develop plan to achieve requirements
  2. Address digestive issues so that what is consumed, is absorbed and utilized
  3. Consume foods that specifically target pancreatic cancer
  4. Prioritize dietary supplements to appropriate timeline of administration

Summary of recommended dietary supplements:

  1. Kate Farms Shake – as desired (add JP+ to shake)
  2. Juice Plus+ food plant powder– 6 capsules/day (fruits, vegetables and berries replaces current use of MV, CoQ10, Vit E and Resvero)
  3. Ther-Biotic probiotic – 1 capsule/day
  4. Host Defense My Community Asian Mushroom Blend capsules.
  5. Natural therapy for thrombocytopenia: Agrimonia has been used in Chinese Medicine for ITP (low platelet counts). I have had great success with Get Well Natural’s Agrimonia, 3 caps per day.
  6. Continue current use of Shades Bitters for digestive issues. Tumero Active (based on low absorption rate) should be discontinued and restarted once dietary intake meets 70% of requirements for macronutrients.